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  • Design study
  • Power generation simulation
  • Self-consumption simulation
  • Electricity cost comparison
  • Product comparison
  • Inventory search
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Power generation simulation

  • Designate the locations where you plan to install PV systems from a map (up to 5 locations).
  • Easily search for a location by inputting an address, latitude, longitude, or business name.
  • Reflects selected solar panels (size, output, temperature characteristics, degradation rate) and PV inverter (output, conversion efficiency).
  • Tilt angle (by 0.1 deg.) and azimuth angle (by 1 deg.) can be set respectively.
  • First year & 20 year estimated power generation.
  • Simulation of power generation for 365 days in the first year.
  • Electricity sales period can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 20 years, and the period after the electricity sales period can be set up to 99 years.
  • Peak shaving amount display by PV inverter.
  • Conditions of power generation simulation can also be reflected in self consumption simulation.
  • Up to 20 power generation simulation results can be saved.

DC/AC ratio comparison:
Simultaneous comparison function of 5 patterns of solar panel/PV inverter capacity.Power generation simulation (by season):
Automatic selection and calculation, representative days in spring, summer, fall, and winter and displays hourly power generation.

Product comparison:
Batch comparison and listing of solar panels and PV inverters (up to 5 types each), number of series for each product combination, and amount of power generation and peak shaving for each number of PV inverters (over 3,000 comparisons possible).

Self-consumption simulation

  • Designate the locations where you plan to install the PV system from the map (up to 5 locations).
  • Automatic calculation of two simulation: Electricity consumption data and the PV system generation.
  • Output adjusting (load tracking) function for preventing reverse electricity to grid, can be set as option.
  • Residential or surplus electricity selling PV systems can also be evaluated.
  • Facility details, operating hours, and holidays can be set.
  • Simulations can be performed by inputting monthly data of electricity rates or electricity consumption.
  • Accurate self consumption simulation is possible by uploading actual annual electricity consumption data (CSV).
  • If there are multiple locations, they can be combined and simulated.
Contents of display:
  • the amount of electricity consumption in the first year (in months) and over the next 20 years (in years).
  • the mount of electricity by self-consumption from PV system generation, the amount of electricity purchased from the grid, and the amount of surplus electricity.
  • the effect of CO2 emission reductions.
  • Electricity cost (before/after installation of PV system).
  • Electricity cost reduction amount by installation of PV system.
  • Self-consumption simulation for 365 days (by month).
  • Enabling detailed analysis and proposals by daily electricity consumption, self-consumed electricity from PV plant, and surplus (reverse power flow) electricity data.
  • Simulation period can be set up to 99 years.
  • Selectable rate menus (approx. 430 menus) from 10 major electric power companies.
  • Up to 20 self-consumption simulation data can be saved.
  • Easy comparison of conventional electricity costs by different rate menus, as well as cost savings after installation of PV systems, and electricity charges paid to the electric company after installation of PV systems.

Design simulation

  • Solar modules: approx. 1000
  • PV inverters: approx. 270
  • Easy calculation in three steps
  • Minimum and maximum number of series, maximum number of input (parallel) circuits, and maximum number of connections are displayed in the calculation results.
  • By saving the results of the relevant combinations in the history, you can easily compare and verify the saved combinations from the history list.
  • Power generation evaluation by power generation simulation for the relevant combination.
  • Fast verification with different products by using the recalculation function from the similar type of selected products or recommended panels and PV inverters.


Find product references and PV informationYou can search for product delivery dates, inventory information, each manufacturer's catalog, specifications, instruction manuals, PV news updates, and PV plant information.

Solar panel search

  • Number of solar panels: approx. 1,000 model.
  • Searchable by size, output range, and availability.
  • Data sheets and specifications are also available for review.
  • Anyone can easily request a quote for the relevant solar panel.

My page setup

Quotations and simulations can be created with your company name and logo. You can easily set your company name and logo for PDF output by editing your user information in the My Page settings.

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