Consulting for your Photovoltaic power plant & renewable energy

As a specialist in the PV industry, Europe Solar Innovation Co., Ltd. aims to popularize and develop PV industry through consulting for optimizing of PV power plant & using renewable energy to our valuable customers.

Since our establishment, we have been started by supporting the Japanese and overseas expansion of PV module and inverter manufacturers, introduced the quality evaluation of solar modules, sophisticated system design & O&M (Operation & Maintenance) by the German PV industry into Japan, and involved in the installation of more than several thousand PV power plant all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Also, we have had interns from ministries and electric companies in African countries and were the first Japanese company to participate in PV exhibitions held in South Africa and Kenya, as part of our efforts to promote reliable PV power plant beyond the borders of our home country.

Morocco 150MW Feasibility Study

We have received so many requests of consulting from not only manufacturers and related companies in the PV industry but also variety of clients who have interested in PV power plant and renewable energy such as general companies, users, public authority and electric companies all over the world.

  • Feed-in Tariff (FIT): Selling electricity to the grid.
  • Installation of self-consumption PV system on the roof or vacant land.
  • Selling excess electricity through a combination of FIT and self-consumption PV electricity.
  • Installation of PV power plant in public facilities or idle land space.
  • Installation by a third-party ownership model (including PPA: Power Purchase Agreement) in which the company provides its own roof or surplus space to the power generation company.
  • Hybrid type combining PV system with energy storage facility or other power generation equipment.
  • Support for introduction of remote-work or DX (digital transformation) related to PV business operations.
  • Evaluation and comparison of electricity rates for each electricity company's menus, and evaluation of different electricity rate menus after installation of PV system.
  • Maintenance after PV system, selection of alternative PV panels and PV inverters, formulation and evaluation of refurbishment designs/plans (including repowering.)
  • Development and or brokerage of domestic and international PV power plants.
EuSI's PV cloud system

We are happy to serve as your consultant when you are considering PV projects and electricity cost reductions, and as your project manager when you are constructing or renovating PV plants and implementing electricity cost reduction plans.

Example of a self-consumption case

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